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Aquanomix designs water management systems engineered to manage harvested rainwater, stormwater, graywater, process and foundation water for reuse as cooling tower, toilet and irrigation makeup. These systems feature a control system that performs input/output commands, runs on-board diagnostics and integrates with most building automation systems. This system comes with a programmable touch screen and remote access capability via Ethernet. All components are skid-mounted, pre-wired, pre-piped and sized to meet project parameters, and undergo a commissioning process with a quality-control report issued upon completion. Standard systems include a centrifugal separator and bag filter for suspended solids removal, a UV disinfection system and a meter for totalizing reclaimed water. Systems can be customized for specific applications. Additional offerings include cistern pumping packages, booster pump systems, selection and sourcing services, and control-system upgrades. http://www.aquanomix.com, marketing@aquanomix.com

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