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Millipore Corp. introduces two ultrapure water systems. The Simplicity® System can be placed anywhere in a laboratory to produce ultrapure water on demand from pretreated water (Elix® system, distilled, deionized or RO water). Designed for scientists who require less than five liters of ultrapure water per day, the system is suitable for the production of mobile phases for chromatographic separations, preparation of blanks and standard solutions for spectrophotometry, spectroscopy or other analytical techniques and buffer preparation for biochemical experiments. For sensitive applications such as HPLC, GC and TOC analysis, the systems built-in dual-wavelength UV lamp (185 and 254 nm) reduces organic contaminants to < five ppb. A range of final polishers provides bacteria-, pyrogen- and nuclease-free water.The Milli-Q® Advantage system production unit converts pure water to ultrapure water with several final POU polishers to match the required application. Production units can be placed on or under the bench or on a wall. The movable Q-POD" unit provides the final purification step closest to the water dispensing point and adjusts to any glassware height and shape. Up to three Q-POD dispensers can be used per system at different locations within 10 feet of the production unit. Flow rates vary from drop-by-drop to 2L/min. System information is displayed graphically in eight languages on the production unit base. The system utilizes eSure" Technology to identify installed consumables and record their usage for promoting timely maintenance.renaud_bardon@millipore.com

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