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Two-stage treatment system


Waterline’s DWS-HFC-1000PLUS two-stage treatment train, with a flowrate of 1.5 gpm, can provide a final barrier of protection from unknown microorganisms with sanitary quick-change and sealed cartridges. Stage 1 provides an annual supply of drinking for most families while Stage 2 provides 2-3 years of microbial reduction. Stage 1 is WQA-certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 42: Aesthetic Effects and ANSI/NSF Standard 53: Health Effects (chlorine reduction; fine filtration for removal of lead and cysts and high-capacity carbon block for reduction of VOCs, MTBE, TTHMs). Stage 2 charged membrane filtration, tested by US EPA with live organisms for reduction of bacteria, virus and protozoan cysts, is not pore-dependent like UF and RO membranes and actually retains the organisms within the media structure. Agion, Natures Antimicrobial is blended through the media on both filters. http://www.alwaysfreshh2o.com, (419) 529-3949

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