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Tankless RO system


Blue Gold Technologies introduces its tankless RO system, with the capacity to deliver 25 gph (94.6 L/h). Removing the tank storage saves space and removes the chance of bacteria proliferation, as no water sits in a closed space for a long period. Included in the unit is one 12-inch (30.4-cm) carbon block filter, one 12-inch sediment filter and two 180-gpd (681.3-L/d) membranes. Features include a brass pump connected to a motor, which creates 130 psi pressure, enough to allow fast water flow through all stages, providing a quick, steady flow at the faucet, on demand. Other benefits include the anti-leak detectors and a device that automatically flushes the membranes once every eight hours, which constantly sanitizes the membranes and keeps the water fresh. http://www.bluegoldtechnologies.com, info@bluegoldtechnologies.com

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