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Millipore Corporation announces its Millex® HPF syringe filters are available with a new hydrophilic Teflon® membrane. When used to filter samples and liquid buffers, the filters improve the quality and consistency of results, sample throughput and longevity of expensive analytical equipment. The filters incorporate a graduated glass fiber prefilter and a membranefilter that are resistant to clogging by viscousand high-particulate solutions. Millex 33 mm syringe filters with Express PLUS (PES) membrane deliver faster filtration rates with low protein-binding properties. With 20 percent more surface area than standard 25 mm devices, the new filters offer a higher process volume of 200 mL andgreater burst strength (150 psig), allowing for high operating pressure. Available with 0.2 ¼m and 0.45 ¼m pore sizes.www.millipore.com(800) 548-7853

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Millipore Corporation
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