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1900 Prospect Ct. Appleton WI 54915
1900 Prospect Ct. Appleton Wisconsin 54914 US

Water-Right announces its Sanitizer Series” self-chlorinating systems and Impression Series” programmable softeners and filters for light and heavy treatment applications. The Sanitizer Series uses Crystal-Right” media to effectively remove hardness, iron and iron/sulfur bacteria, while raising pH level in a single pass. The Impression Series features unique microprocessor-based control heads that monitor system performance and water consumption while providing cycle sequence programming options. Lighter units feature control valves to 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) and flow rates up to 60 gpm (227.12 Lpm); heavier systems feature a two-inch (5.08 cm) control valve providing up to 25 percent greater flow rates. Additional filters and media are also available to handle higher levels of iron and manganese, acidic water, hydrogen sulfide and other taste and odor problems. http://www.water-right.com

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Water-Right, Inc.
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