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Scale inhibitor

14540 Victory Blvd. Los Angeles CA 91411 USA
14540 Victory Blvd. Los Angeles CA 91411

Aquatal CA, Inc.’s uniquely designed ASF scale control unit has two basic functions. First, it acts as a sediment filter, reducing turbidity and particulate below 50 microns with stainless steel screen, reinforced with molded plastic ribs. Manual flush valves can be opened periodically to flush accumulated sediment down the drain, expanding filter life. Secondly, the company’s Siliphos II material forms a thin protective layer on molecules and the insides of pipes, eliminating the ability for scale to form. High-powered magnets change molecule direction to further assist in reduction of scale build-up. Ideal for closed-loop systems, boiler protection, electric kettles and heating elements. http://www.AquatalCA.comSales@AquatalCA.com

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Aquatal CA, Inc.
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