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Culligan’s comprehensive Matrix Solutions(TM) reverse osmosis product line provides greater flexibility, speed to market and cost savings to commercial and industrial companies. The line offers customers a range of options based on unique water quantity and quality requirements, from 0.2 to over 300 gpm (0.75 to over 1,135.62 L/m). E-Series is an economical, entry-level system, designed primarily for commercial applications that require flowrates from 0.2 to 7 gpm (0.75 to 26.49 L/m). M-Series offers enhanced features, such as advanced electronic Smart Controller technology, designed for mid-range commercial and industrial applications that can meet flowrates ranging from 0.2 to 7 gpm. G-Series systems include premium features and a high level of flexibility. Created to meet water-capacity needs ranging from 0.2 to over 300 gpm, the series is well-suited for industrial applications. http://www.culliganmatrixsolutions.com, Kim.fields@culligan.com

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