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RO system breakthrough

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A new point-of-use RO system that provides continuous, on-demand water without tanks, pumps or electricity is now available for water treatment professionals from GE Infrastructure Water & Process Technologies. Featuring a breakthrough high-flow-rate membrane technology developed by GE, the Merlin RO system is designed for home use and light commercial applications. The compact Merlin RO system can produce approximately 1/2 gpm/720 gpd, yet fits under the typical kitchen sink. For most applications above 40-psi line pressure, it does not require a permeate storage tank, pressure booster pump or electricity. As a result, it eliminates energy costs and minimizes the possibility of leaks, pressure loss, bacterial contamination and other concerns associated with conventional POU RO systems. It also produces less wastewater than other home RO systems.

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GE Water Technologies
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