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Riser pipe hub

DesignedWise Products, Inc. introduces the revolutionary Hub n’ ALL. With this unique, all-in-one hub and lateral system, the riser pipe is attached before placing into the tank. Pivoting laterals are locked into position using an S-hook device; hands never have to enter the tank. The patent-pending lateral design with slotted end plugs creates a more vigorous backwash and high flowrates from just six laterals. Made with strong, glass-reinforced ABS material, the Hub n’ ALL is designed to fit through a four-inch (10.16-cm) opening. Models are currently available for 16, 18, 21, 24 and 30-inch (40.64, 45.72, 53.34, 60.96 and 76.2-cm) tanks. An installation video can be viewed on the company’s website. http://www.designedwise.com info@designedwise.com

Manufactures Name
DesignedWise Products, Inc.

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