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Non-electric water softeners


Delta Water Systems USA’s non-electric, twin-tank softeners are a compact design that provide the opportunity for small footprint installations. The units offer high service flowrates along with 50-percent less salt usage and water discharge per regeneration. Features include: easy dial-in hardness regulator, with an automatic hard-water blending value if needed; 24/7 soft water; counter current regeneration; high in-service flowrates (as high as 16.3 gal/61.7 liters per minute) and low salt and water consumption during regeneration (salt usage as low as 0.66 lbs per regeneration and as low as 5.3 gal/20 liters of water during regeneration). Contact the company for dealer opportunities.www.deltawatersystemsusa.com, info@deltawatersystemsusa.com, (844) 335-8297

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Delta Water Systems USA
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