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1900 Prospect Ct. Appleton WI 54915
1900 Prospect Ct. Appleton WI 54915

Water-Right‘s Impression Series RC water conditioner is a single system used to effectively treat hardness and unpleasant taste and odors in municipal water. It features a unique mid-plate design that combines activated carbon and high-capacity resin into one tank. Features include a system meter that electronically monitors water usage and automatically regenerates based on actual water consumption, and a microprocessor that captures all water conditioner operations, including gallons per day, total gallons, peak flowrates, and total regenerations. The system combines the use of two medias in one tank, plus a monitoring meter and advanced history and diagnostic screens for the ultimate in water conditioning. http://www.water-right.com, (800) 777-1426

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Water-Right, Inc.
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