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Multi-stage RO systems

11925 - 145 St. N.W. Edmonton AB T5L 2H4 Canada
11925 - 145 St. N.W. Edmonton AB T5L 2H4

Crystalline Water Master Co. Ltd. offers five- and six-stage RO systems with 70-gpd (265 L/d) capacity and multiple configuration options. Five-stage Model CR-001 includes a 110-psi, high-performance booster pump and CR-003 adds a microcomputer controller with auto flush and TDS meter. Six-stage Model CR-005 features UV as a last stage while CR-006 has bio-ceramic cartridges for final treatment. All feature 4.4G metal pressure tanks and gooseneck faucets.www.crystaline.com.twsales@crystaline.com.tw

Manufactures Name
Crystal Mountain Water Cooler Corp.
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