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Culligan Matrix Solutions’ mobile water treatment fleet provides comprehensive, multi-level water purification, monitoring and control in a single solution for peaking plants and base loaded plants in various industries. The modular system is designed to accommodate a wide variety of feed sources, can be operated in a rugged environment and can be installed quickly to seamlessly provide large quantities of water on demand. The standard mobile offering includes RO, making it ideal for applications where high-purity water is needed. The company also offers deionization solutions, which help reduce TDS and produce high-quality, multi-mega ohm water for specialized applications. The units are available as containers that can be dropped off at customer sites as well as skid-mounted systems. A standard container produces 200 gpm (757 L/min) and the capacity is scalable to meet customers’ needs. http://www.culliganmatrixsolutions.com, kumi.premathilake@culligan.com

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