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Belart announces the Scienceware® Micro Spoon and Spatula Weighing Set that includes six, double-ended tools offering 12 micro-size spoons and spatulas, each with a different shape to allow accurate handling of small quantities of materials.Tool ends include two small spoons for transferring and collecting both dry and liquid material.Eight flat spatulas have various widths and lengths, ideal for mixing, scraping and spreading; two are rounded for working in test tubes.Two different v-shaped spatulas can be used for lifting or spill-free carrying of material. Blunt tip tweezers have serrated inside surfaces for secure sample handling and grooved handles for better gripping. All tools are polished stainless steel for long life and easy cleaning and can be steam autoclaved, 121C (250F). A carrying case protects and organizes all tools when not in use. The Scienceware® Tubing Connector Kit is a selection of 28 popular fittings that handle most common laboratory tubing connections. In addition to Y, T and straight connectors, this assortment includes clamps for flow control and quick disconnect fittings for easier configuration changes. Fittings are compatible for tubing with internal diameters varying from 4.7 to 12.7 mm (3/16-1/2). Quick disconnect fittings, are molded from polyethylene. All other fittings are molded of autoclavable, 121C (250F) polypropylene.www.belart.comGSmith@BelArt.com

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