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Ion exchange resins

LANXESS introduces Lewatit ion exchange resins in finely dispersed grades. Monodisperse, macroporous chelating resins significantly enhance the efficiency of brine treatment for chloralkali electrolysis based on membrane technology and effectively help to prevent damage to increasingly sensitive, latest generation membranes.Monodisperse small (MDS) grades (such as Lewatit MDS TP 208) diameter is only 390 micrometers, 40 percent smaller than that of the likewise monodisperse grade Lewatit MonoPlus TP 208, translating into roughly twice the bead surface per unit of volume. MDS grades display improved kinetics, a higher degree of regeneration and a significantly increased total and operating capacity specifically designed for alkaline earth cations, with optimal mechanical and osmotic stability.www.lanxess.com

Manufactures Name
Lanxess Corporation

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