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7169 49th Terrace N. W.. Palm Beach FL 33407
7169 49th Terrace N. W.. Palm Beach FL 33407

Harmsco Filtration Products’ Hurricane poly-pleat, high-performance cartridges feature the addition of a second media layer. The units have been independently tested and exceed three-log reduction of three-micron particle Cryptosporidium/Giardia cysts. They meet existing US EPA cyst(s) reduction requirements for small community public water systems. Tested to NSF 53-2007 protocol for cysts reduction and NSF 61 certified. Features include maximum flow rate of 15 to 50 gpm (56.78 to 189.27 L/m); 140F (60C) temperature limit; meltblown polypropylene inner layers with outer layers of polypropylene scrim material for support and center tubes made of rigid PVC with perforations or molded polypropylene.www.harmsco.comsales@harmsco.com

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Harmsco Inc.
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