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Heat disinfection system

1303 Stanley Avenue Dayton OH 45404
1303 Stanley Avenue Dayton OH 45404

AmeriWater’s FDA-approved Heatsan system gives dialysis facilities the ability to adjust operation for each day of the week, heating intervals, holding times and disinfection temperatures. As a result, the Heatsan can save energy and staff time while providing up to 100 gallons (378.54 liters) of 185°F (85°C) water for disinfection. Incorporating a PLC controller, the Heatsan is operated by a dual-color touch screen displaying alarms, system status, tank level and disinfection temperatures, plus a password-protected event log holding up to 12 months of data. The Heatsan’s construction is rugged yet space-efficient featuring a stainless steel skid and an insulated stainless steel storage tank with a sloping base for easy drainage. The tank is fitted with three-phase heating elements, level transmitter and a temperature monitor. The isolation of the RO and bicarb mixing system is accomplished with three-way motorized ball valves. A stainless steel recirculation pump and stainless steel solenoid valves complete this innovative package. http://www.ameriwater.com

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AmeriWater Corporation
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