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Greensand filtration media


Inversand Company announces global availability of its GreensandPlus advanced water filtration media. The process efficiently and economically removes iron, manganese, arsenic, radium and hydrogen sulfide from municipal, industrial and POU water supplies. Using a silica sand core with a manganese dioxide coating fused to the core, the media enables the system to better withstand operating conditions in waters with low silica, dissolved solids and total hardness. The system can be operated at higher differential pressures and offers more effectiveness at higher operating temperatures (over 70F/ 21C). It can also operate using only chlorine to regenerate the media. Available in one metric ton (2,005 lbs. bulk) super sacks or 0.5 cu. ft., 44 lb. (20 kg) bags on pallets.www.inversand.com(856) 881-2345

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Inversand Company
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