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Universal Flow Monitors, Inc.’s P420 vortex-shedding flowrate transmitters meet desalination industry requirements for an inexpensive monitor without moving parts that can stick, bind or coat. These inline-mounting-type flowmeters are available in PVC and CPVC models with no O-ring seals (solvent socket or NPT connection). They are offered in six pipe sizes from 3/8-inch to two inches, providing full-scale flowrates from six to 200 gpm (2.27 to 750 Lpm). Electronic output is from a four to 20 mA two-wire transmitter. Response time is 0.9 seconds. Accuracy is +/-2 percent of full scale. Turndown is 10:1. P420 flowrate transmitters are offered at the same low cost as paddlewheel meters, without the added costs of periodic replacement of the paddlewheels. http://www.flowmeters.com, ufm@flowmeters.com

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Universal Flow Monitors, Inc.
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