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Disinfection cabinets and arsenic removal


De Nora Water Technologies announces the launch of Capital Controls® gas-feed disinfection cabinets, which offer a unique space-saving small footprint with a sleek, modern design, incorporating pioneering and safe Capital Controls technology. They offer a clearer distinction between models to simplify decision-making based on sizing needs. Systems range from 10-10,000 pounds per day (ppd) of gas-feed capacity per unit. Each system features a larger, 10-inch standard gas flow meter for better resolution and an easier read. The automatic models of the three gas-feed cabinets feature the Chloromatic automatic valve actuator with built-in controller. The Series 4100 features sonic operation to 3,000 ppd (gas feed at the speed of sound) on both manual and automatic models, eliminating the need for a differential pressure regulator. For all automatic models, an additional controller may not be needed, reducing components (and costs) for the end user.

De Nora’s SORB 33® arsenic removal adsorber (ARS) systems use proven and effective media that remove arsenic to non-detect levels and are pre-engineered for faster delivery and simple installation. A typical ARS consists of two adsorbers configured for parallel flow and includes treatment bypass if the water’s arsenic level is not very high. This arrangement provides enough well-water flow to effectively backwash each adsorber when needed without the need for a supplemental water supply. Customized options that help to further optimize operating conditions and integration into the overall water treatment system include: treatment bypass; pH adjustment; zero wastewater discharge; series flow configuration; sequencing flow configuration; automation; distribution water for backwash and firm capacity requirements.

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