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KROHNE, Inc. introduces the Summit 8800 Digital Flow Computer, which features a touch-screen graphic display and dramatic performance, handling and interoperability improvements over standard flow computers. An extensive feature set supports the latest developments in metering, data handling and system maintenance at an extremely competitive price. The system is ideal for a wide variety of custody and process applications. Automatic performance monitoring increases accuracy and reduces recalibrations. The unit contains a dedicated microprocessor with a fast quarter-second processing cycle for each input/output (I/O) board rather than using one shared processor. A removable multi-gigabyte memory card stores data with enough capacity for several years of flow information. Network security is enhanced with multiple, redundant Ethernet ports, while wide-area communication is possible using a range of common protocols. http://www.us.krohne.com, info@KROHNE.com

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Khrone Inc.
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