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Diamond filter


INVENT Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik AG introduce the iFILT-diamond filter, which consists of one or more filter wheels, backwash unit, enclosure and tray. The filter discs are directly mechanically connected without the additional usage of a central pipe. They are equipped with high-quality, stainless steel, high-performance filter cloth with pore sizes varying between 10 and 100 μm. The  filter is charged directly into the rotor center via a fluid-mechanically optimized distributor, which eliminates the usage of a gasket in the feed area. Periodic backwash or removal of retained solids from the filter cloth is performed with the help of splash water, which is applied to the filter cloth from the outside. The splash water pump is charged with filtrate and thus does not require external water supply. The iFILT-diamond filter can be put into operation even under restricted circumstances with regard to space.

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