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Voltea introduces the POU DiUse® system for coffee, fountain drink and drinking water applications. Incoming water is ‘tuned’ to the ideal salinity to match the application and remains perfectly tuned even through variations in incoming water characteristics. This miniaturized version of the company’s industrial and commercial CapDI© systems runs with patented CapDI technology. The system monitors incoming water quality in real time and self-adjusts performance to ensure it delivers consistent, precise water quality with improved taste. The salt-free, chemical-free technology is a simple, two-step process wherein water flows between electrodes. The electrode surfaces are separated from the water by ion-selective membranes that allow positive or negative ions (salts) to pass. The system is tunable, allowing adjustable salt removal and continually adjusts to account for any fluctuations in feed-water characteristics. http://voltea.com/en/  and  http://voltea.com/products-2/

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