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Toray Industries, Inc. and Toray Membrane USA introduce two models for seawater desalination, TM820S-400 and TM820V-400 RO membrane elements, and two low-fouling models, TM720N-400 and TML20N-400 brackish elements. TM820S-400 has low energy consumption (9,000 gpd [34068.7 L/m] at 800 psi) with high boron rejection (90 percent at pH8). TM820V-400 features the same low-energy consumption but higher boron rejection (92 percent at pH8). TM720N-400 offers low delta pressures and low fouling by utilizing 34 mil spacers. TML20N-400, with 34 mil spacers, also demonstrates fouling resistance and can be applied to waters with higher suspended solids.www.toraywater.comTakasu.Junko@toraymem.com

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Toray Membrane USA, Inc.
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