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Customizable UV modules


Acuva Technologies’ Strike is a platform of compact customizable modules designed specifically for integration into OEM appliances. The globally patented UVC-LED disinfection technology is precise, reliable and consistent. Strike’s stainless-steel module design is robust, economical, requires no maintenance and is mercury-free. The modules are designed to create a controlled optical environment that matches water velocity with UV irradiance to optimize microbial disinfection. This innovative technology maximizes available UVC-LED power through optical lensing to deliver an intense collimated beam of UV energy directly into water, while reducing energy consumption and extending LED life with automatic on/off activation. The slim and compact form-factor enables integration into a vast array of consumer and commercial appliances, including water coolers/dispensers/fountains, beverage dispensers, ice/coffee makers and lab water equipment. The modular design is easily scalable and offers full customization to meet OEM flowrate and disinfection performance requirements. http://www.acuvatech.com, 

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