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Collars and couplings


Stafford Manufacturing Corp.’s 316 SST collars and couplings are available in set-screw, one-piece and two-piece styles with a choice of 18-8 stainless steel or 316 SST fasteners. Collars in 0.25- to 10-inch I.D. (6.35- to 254-mm) sizes have standard smooth bores or can be threaded. Couplings range from 0.25 to 3 inches I.D. (6.35 to 76.2 mm) and can be made with keyways and stepped bores. Both can be modified to meet special customer requirements. Mounting holes, flats and hinges can also be provided.www.staffordmfg.comjswiezynski@staffordmfg.com

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Stafford Manufacturing Corp.
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