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Lasso Technik introduces the patented Stop-Silent® Check Valve Series to the US market for use in a wide range of consumer and commercial applications.The corrosion-resistant valve features a temperature range of -20C (-4F) up to + 180C (356F) and an operating pressure of up to 232 psi. The valve can handle fluids up to10 fps(3.048 m/second), gases up to50 fps(15.24 m/second) and is suitable for use in water, oil, acids and brines.Standard cones and valve sizes are available from one to eight inches (2.54-20.32 cm); multicone valves range from six to 24 inches (15.24-60.96 cm).The unique cone design assures tight shut-off to prevent backflow of liquid or gaseous media and eliminates water hammer and associated problems of noise and wear. The valve is suitable for many uses including washing machines, pumps and compressors, air conditioning units and ventilation systems.www.stopsilent.cominfo@stopsilent.com

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Lasso Technik
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