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Everpure introduces two cartridges and an RO system for commercial markets. The Claris XXL Large Filter Cartridge extends customized scale prevention capabilities beyond coffee and espresso applications to include hot-drink vending machines, combi steamers and self-cooking systems, steam cookers and ovens, and iced-tea brewing machines. Designed to help operators find the right water quality balance to capture a specific taste, the cartridge is certified to NSF Standard 42 and provides 65-percent more capacity than the original. 7CLM Cartridges reduce unpleasant tastes and odors and other offensive containments that can adversely affect the taste of beverages, and help fountain beverages retain carbonation. Submicron technology reduces particles as small as 0.5 micron, which provides additional protection from harmful microorganisms. This cartridge is certified against NSF Standard 42 for Taste & Odor, Particulate Class I and NSF Standard 53 for Cyst, Turbidity. It produces up to 2,025 gallons (7,665.45 liters) of permeate water per day. The ComPro High Output Reverse Osmosis System is designed for kitchen applications, such as iced tea, espresso, coffee and fountain drink systems, as well as steam (boiler, boilerless/flash) machines.www.Everpure.com, Roy.Parker@pentair.com

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Everpure, LLC
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