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Backpressure valve


Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc.’s automatic valve performs multiple functions in a piping system, including pressure relief, backpressure control, pump bypass and anti-siphon protection. The half-inch size, lug-mounted Series RVDT uses an adjustable, non-wetted spring to control backpressure with an adjustable set point, which allows the rated full flow at approximately 40 percent over the set pressure. Pressure can be set infinitely from 5 to 150 psi. All wetted materials are thermoplastic; the metal spring is isolated from the process liquid by a PTFE diaphragm. Body materials are available in Geon® PVC, Natural Polypropylene, Corzan® CPVC and Kynar® PVDF. (973) 256-3000, info@plastomatic.com.

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