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Angle stop valve

10 Bloomfield Ave. Pine Brook NJ 7058
10 Bloomfield Ave. Montville New Jersey 07058 US

John Guest® USA Inc.s new Angle Stop Valve has been developed to tap into an existing water line for use as a water feed/supply source for applications including reverse osmosis, filtration systems, ice-makers, automatic coffee brewers and many others. The valve features polypropylene body construction and sturdy nickel-plated brass threads, along with a JG push-in tube connection. On-off handle movement is 90-degrees and the valve can also be swiveled for better positioning. The John Guest Angle Stop Valve is available in two configurations: 3/8″ male compression by 3/8″ female compression by 1/4 Speedfit Tee and 3/8″ male compression by 3/8″ female compression by 3/8″ Speedfit Tee.

Manufactures Name
John Guest USA, Inc.
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