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Choosing the Right Bottle Washers and Fillers for Your Large...

By Bruce Kucera This article provides some direction to help start-up or expanding bottled water operations make intelligent equipment choices. It goes without saying that selection of a reputable source of equipment is mandatory. Better […]

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The Case for Blowing Your Own PLA Bottles

By Bruce Kucera The recent introduction of polylactide acid (PLA) into the packaging industry has grabbed the attention of consumers and bottlers alike—and for good reason. PLA is a corn-derived plastic polymer invented by NatureWorksLLC®, […]

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The Use of Distillation Technology in the Bottled Water Indu...

By Bruce Kucera Summary: Distillation is one of the most natural and efficient technologies available for purifying water supplies for use in the bottled water industry. Previously, cost was an overriding issue working against it, […]

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Blue Valley Water: Success in a Bottle—Medium-Sized Bottle...

By Bruce Kucera Summary: Water treatment dealers who have yet to enter the bottled water niche may want to follow the lead of an Oklahoma business. Still, this specific example shows that dealers should ask […]

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Message in a Bottle: Five Valuable Tips for the Home Deliver...

By Bruce Kucera As demand for bottled water grows, so do the options of water bottling businesses to identify and develop profitable market niches. Certainly, home delivery of 3- and 5-gallon bottles is central to […]

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Private Labeled Bottled Water: A Profitable Niche in a Fast-...

By Bruce Kucera The key to building a profitable business is to find the right market niche. Marketing 101 tells us to find the corner of an industry that may be unrecognized or underserved, but […]

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