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An Innovative Softener Brine Recovery Technology: A Case Stu...

By Peter S. Cartwright, PE, CWS-VI and Tom Cartwright The world is inexorably moving in the direction of water conservation and reuse. Media coverage of extreme water shortages, disease and chemical contamination events has raised public […]

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Self-regenerating Water Softener Rebates and Bans Update

By H. Martin Jessen and Michael T. Mecca Several communities are still actively taking action to regulate self-regenerating water softeners (SRWS) to reduce salinity levels in wastewater, which in turn, is causing high water treatment […]

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Water Softener Performance Testing

By Mark T. Unger, CWS-VI The first performance standard for water softeners was the Water Conditioning Foundation’s (WCF) S-100 Standard. The first version was issued in 1959 and contained structural integrity testing to ensure water […]

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Softened Water Benefits Study: New Reports Related to Deterg...

By Pauli Undesser, CWS-VI The Water Quality Research Foundation (WQRF) released two new reports in February that, in combination with WQRF’s 2009 Study on Benefits of Removal of Water Hardness (Calcium and Magnesium Ions) From […]

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A History of Softening

By Peter Meyers Summary: The concept of water softening has been in use longer than many of us may have been led to believe. Here, the author gives a brief historical lesson as well as […]

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