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Refreshed website

Monday, March 15th, 2021

Dataman Group’s faster, more intuitive and refreshed website features videos, new pop-up forms and a more robust online count and order portal. It includes 561 pages and offers users a sophisticated search module. The Chat feature has been updated and the Ask Data Dale blog, which is updated weekly, has been redesigned, offering users the ability to research information by tag and by category. It also features an archive, with content dating to 2006. Business owners in specific industries will find dedicated mini-sites that provide very focused information for the water quality, insurance, healthcare, home-improvement and mortgage industries as well as non-profits, funeral homes, accountants and EAs.

Microplastic filter

Monday, March 15th, 2021

INVENT Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik AG’s iFILT®-Diamond Filter is based on a revolutionary fluid-mechanics general concept. The basic idea is to combine an optimized fluid-mechanics design with the cross-flow filtration process engineering approach. This allows a high hydraulic performance to be achieved despite minimum space requirements, yet with an optimum of separation efficiency. The continuous rotation of the filter wheels, the effect of tangential-dynamic filtration that it initiates and the sharp separation limit of the stainless steel, high-performance weave mesh utilized provide for guaranteed high-separation efficiency, ideal for microplastics removal.

Packaged water systems

Monday, March 15th, 2021

AXEON Water Technologies’ Commercial Reverse Osmosis Packaged Water Systems include system configurations that produce 2,000 to 21,000 gallons (7,570 to 79,493 liters) of pure water, per day. Each system is manufactured to the highest-quality standards and must pass through a rigorous six-point quality control process. For use with municipal or well water supplies, these systems can be customized to meet individual pure water needs and for maximum productivity and efficiency. These packaged water systems feature the lowest product to wastewater ratios, with up to an ultra-efficient, 80-percent recovery rate. They arrive fully assembled, tested and ready for plug-n-play installation.
(800) 320-4074


Monday, March 15th, 2021

Lono-Batura to head new WEF position
WEF has selected Maile Lono-Batura as Director of Sustainable Biosolids Programs, a new position established to help WEF members and the water sector advance the beneficial use of biosolids. She previously served as the Executive Director of Northwest Biosolids for the past 22 years. Lono-Batura will serve as WEF’s lead for all biosolids activities, acting as a central coordinator on national biosolids issues for the organization’s members and the larger water sector, in concert with WEF’s Member Associations and regional biosolids organizations. She will assist utilities and regional groups facing challenges to their biosolids programs and advance research relating to biosolids safety and efficacy, with a focus on the myriad benefits of biosolids use.

Fox appointed to Office of Water
US EPA announced the selection of US Water Alliance CEO Radhika Fox as the Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Office of Water. She will serve as the Acting Assistant Administrator for Water. Prior to her appointment, Fox was CEO of the US Water Alliance. She previously served as Director of Policy and Government Affairs for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and as the Federal Policy Director at PolicyLink, where she coordinated the organization’s policy agenda on a wide range of issues, including infrastructure investment, transportation, sustainable communities, economic inclusion and workforce development.

AMTA Board, officers named
AMTA announced the election of 10 members to its Board of Directors as well as Board Officers for 2021: Division I-Public Agencies, Industrial Users, Regulatory Agencies and Water Suppliers to End User: Randal Braker, PE, Duck River Utility Commission, Tullahoma, TN; Jill Miller, City of Bozeman, MT; John Nichols, Brunswick County Public Utilities, Bolivia, NC and Eric Owens, PE, Water Replenishment District, Lakewood, CA; Division II-Company/Corporate: Brent Alspach, PE, Arcadis; Robert ‘Buddy’ Boysen, PE, CDM Smith; Steven Coker, DuPont Water Solutions and Julie Nemeth-Harn, PE, Harn R/O Systems; Division III-Associates: Samantha Black, PhD, PE, HDR, Inc. and Christine Owen, Hazen and Sawyer. Newly elected Board Members will serve for two-year terms, beginning on January 22. AMTA also announced its Board Officers for 2021, who were elected during the Board of Directors meeting: President, Jill Miller; 1st VP, Julie Nemeth-Harn; 2nd VP, Greg Madden, H2O Innovation, Champlin, MN; Secretary, Rebecca Wilder, PE, Town of Jupiter, FL and Treasurer, Randal Braker.


Franklin Electric’s most outstanding announced
Franklin Electric recently held its 2021 Commercial Summit, which included educational sessions, keynote presentations and celebrated sales achievements for its US and Canada water operations. Award recipients were recognized for distinction in outstanding performance and customer support in the sales and field service engineering categories. The winners of the company’s prestigious awards are: Salesperson of the Year, Alex Bracht, Territory Manager-Western Region; Field Service Engineer of the Year,


Todd Hofstra, Sr., Field Service Engineer-Western Region and Team of the Year, Northeast Region-Sales, Field Service, Marketing & Customer Relations, which includes Jim Sacriponte, Bryan Defoe, Dan Kolath, Robert Rufh, Tom Mitchell, Jennifer Ford, Ilse Gallegos, Jim Hartmann, Ryan Horner and Bob McClain.

NAW 2021 officers elected
During the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) first-ever digital summit, members elected Michael Medart, President and CEO, Medart Engine & Marine, as Chairman of the Board of Directors. He succeeds Douglas W. York, President and CEO of Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply, who will remain active on the NAW Board as Immediate Past Chairman. Wholesale distribution industry leaders also were elected as NAW Officers for 2021: Chairman-Elect, Jeff McLendon, President and CEO, U.S. Lumber; First Vice Chairman, Michael DeCata, President and CEO, Lawson Products, Inc.; Second Vice Chairman, Larry Stoddard, President and CEO, RelaDyne LLC; Secretary, Kevin Short, President and CEO, ORS Medco and Eric Hoplin, President and CEO, National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors.

Global Spotlight

Monday, March 15th, 2021

North America
ASSE guidance on nitrate released
ASSE International has published a new Listing Evaluation Criteria (LEC) document: ASSE LEC 2008-2021, Point of Entry Anion Exchange—Nitrate Reduction. POE anion exchange water treatment products covered in this LEC are intended to be used in residential and commercial applications to reduce nitrate in drinking water. Systems covered in this LEC are self-regeneration anion exchange systems; non-regenerating residential water treatment systems designed to reduce nitrates are tested to NSF/ANSI 53, Drinking Water Treatment Units—Health Effects. The LEC provides test protocols to verify the ability of anion exchange water treatment systems to reduce nitrate from drinking water below the MCL, and tests salt used per regeneration cycle, nitrate dumping, flow capacity, back-siphonage during system regeneration, pressure loss and structural integrity. For more information, visit the ASSE International Webstore, www.assewebstore.com. For questions regarding the LEC, contact Terry Burger, Director of Product Standards, at terry.burger@asse-plumbing.org.

New HF scientific facility opened
HF scientific, a Watts brand, has opened its new state-of-the-art headquarters in Fort Myers, FL. Located at 16260 Airport Drive, Suite 140, the company’s new design, manufacturing and distribution facility is nearly 35,000 square feet, three times the size of the company’s previous location. The new location houses 57 employees responsible for company operations including design, engineering, manufacturing and shipping of products used for monitoring water quality for drinking water, wastewater and ballast water applications.

Fellowship nominations requested
AMTA and the National Water Research Institute (NWRI) announced a call for nominees for the NWRI-AMTA Fellowships for Membrane Technology. The fellowships are awarded to graduate students at US universities and colleges who are conducting research that advances membrane technologies in the water, wastewater or water reuse industries. Application materials must be submitted by April 30. For additional information, visit www.nwri-usa.org/fellowships.

Report: water calculator saves on costs
Builders who use IAPMO’s Water Demand Calculator (WDC) for residential projects can achieve significant savings due to its improved methods for determining proper pipe sizing, a third-party engineering firm’s study has found. The organization commissioned Stantec Architecture Inc. to calculate the material and labor cost-savings potential of applying its WDC, as compared to the sizing methods contained in baseline plumbing codes, specifically IAPMO’s Uniform Plumbing Code® (UPC), the International Code Council’s International Plumbing Code® (IPC) and International Residential Code® (IRC). A summary of the report is available at https://www.iapmo.org/media/25276/water_demand_calculator_report_summary.pdf.

Kemira price increase announced
Kemira announced price increases for all polymer products in the Americas region for water treatment and the oil and gas industry. The price increases will become effective immediately or as contract terms allow. Recent economic rebound and positive developments in many downstream markets have led to unforeseen cost increases for key raw materials and energy. Hence, Kemira will increase prices for all polymer products for these applications in the Americas by three to 18 percent.

CGA virtual education announced
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the California Groundwater Association (CGA) had to cancel plans to meet in person this year. The organization is committed to bringing industry members education and access to those M&S that support the industry. As part of this program, participants will receive a certificate of completion; pay $39 for each session and obtain valuable education on relevant topics. Each course has been approved by the state and as an added bonus, participants will have access to the Virtual Exhibit Hall from the 2020 NGWA Groundwater Week event. Please visit the associations website at www.groundh2o.org for more information on how to access the 2021 Education Event.

Soho to promote Alaska bottled water
Soho Waterworks announced it has launched a campaign to promote Alaskan Glacier Products (AGP)’s Clear Alaskan Glacial bottled water. It is the only US bottled water that is sourced from an above-ground glacier. The water has garnered international acclaim for its taste, won numerous water quality awards, received a medal at the 2017 Gourmet Waters International Competition in Lyon, France, and won the 2018 Silver Award for best taste from the Fine Water Society.

Arrow Industries announced it has moved its headquarters to 1210 N. Red Gum Street, Anaheim, CA, 92886. Phone numbers, as well as email and website addresses, remain the same.

Pure Water Group acquired
W&F Technologies announced its acquisition of Pure Water Group, which will create a powerful synergy between REDstack, W&F Technologies and Pure Water Group. Pure Water Group entities include Pure Water Systems and Pure Water Technologies, with a headquarters in the Netherlands, as well as branches in Spain and the United Kingdom. Through this acquisition the group is now positioned to offer and support ready-to-run equipment and a large-scale plant based on reverse electrodialysis (RED) and electrodeionization (ED) technologies and expands its base in the water purification and sustainable energy markets.

Viewpoint: Spring is a time for renewal

Monday, March 15th, 2021

Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

In spite of the multitude of issues concerning our world and the water treatment industry, winter can make them seem interminable. Spring, considered the time of renewal, is also a time to reflect on what changes have been made and what still needs to be done. Many companies have adapted to the current wave of disrupted business practices and appear to be making changes on a continuous basis. Not content to sit still and wait for better times, they are the ones to watch as the world attempts to return to some measure of normalcy, hopefully sooner rather than later.

COVID-19 has changed how companies do business, from restricted access for installations to donning masks all day. Workarounds have taken root for many companies to stay in compliance with ever-changing regulations that have made it difficult to do anything but adhere to the most stringent requirements. This has and will continue to result in significant reduction (and loss) of business. Working remotely can only be used effectively for so long before people have to be out in the trenches. Creativity has never been so important in making water treatment products viable for everyday life.

March means water softeners are the focus of this issue. Greg Reyneke of Red Fox Advisors offers a very personal perspective on losing access to softened water, giving a point-by-point on why softeners should be a standard appliance rather than a luxury item. Rick Andrews, NSF International, provides an educational overview on NSF/ANSI 44, the standard covering residential water softeners specifically. There are a number of requirements for manufacturers to meet, not the least of which is ensuring the correct sizing for each type of unit, while there are other standards that cover commercial and industrial water softeners.

Reaching certain milestones in business deserves special notice. According to a December 2016 article by Stéphane Garelli, Emeritus Professor, Institute for Management Development in Switzerland: “A recent study by McKinsey found that the average lifespan of companies listed in Standard & Poor’s 500 was 61 years in 1958. Today, it is less than 18 years. McKinsey believes that, in 2027, 75 percent of the companies currently quoted on the S&P 500 will have disappeared.” It’s a tough world out there and it’s getting tougher. And while that may seem to apply to major manufacturers, it’s representative of the business environment as a whole. But William MacHale keeps beating the odds of that report, now celebrating his company’s 30th anniversary. He gives a short history of his transition from the insurance to the water treatment industry and how he intends to make it last.

Dr. Kelly Reynolds, Public Health Editor, focuses on the annual consumer confidence water report and why it isn’t as helpful as it should be to the everyday consumer. Critics believe the reports are not written for the intended audience and most people do not understand them, even though surveys indicate high levels of satisfaction with their water. It is US EPA’s responsibility to ensure reports are provided but once a year tells little about what is actually happening. Consumer education is a must but is missing from these reports. Dealers can help with that by reaching out to inform consumers about their water on a timely basis and also offer both preventative and long-term solutions to any water issues that may be impacting their supply.

As this is being written, a record-breaking deep freeze that will be talked about for some time to come has descended across much of the central US. It’s hard to think of spring when your pipes are frozen and your electricity is off but it really is coming your way…soon we hope. Until then, think about the future and what’s next for your business. Be brave…be daring…be creative! Until we meet again, hopefully this year at WQA’s annual event in July, stay safe and stay positive.


Monday, February 15th, 2021


Marcello, Nunez, Lindsay promoted at IAPMO
The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) announced the promotions of Tony Marcello to Senior VP of Training and Credentialing Services; D.J. Nunez to Senior VP of Field Services and Christopher Lindsay to VP of Government Relations. Marcello has been part of The IAPMO Group for more than a decade. In his new role, he will oversee all global training and credentialing programs and initiatives.


Nunez joined IAPMO in January 2020 as a Field Services Representative, after 19 years with the state of California. He started his career as a plumbing and mechanical inspector and retired as the Southern California Area Manager for the Construction Inspection Management Division. Nunez served on IAPMO’s Board of Directors for 13 years, including as President in 2017 and 2018. He is a 36-year member of UA Local 460 and worked in the plumbing and mechanical industry for 18 years.


Lindsay has been with IAPMO since 2012 and is a key member of a team that provides a strong voice for IAPMO’s interests before Congress, federal and state agencies and state legislatures. He also assists IAPMO’s non-profit organization, the International Water Sanitation and Hygiene Foundation (IWSH).

New management for AMTA
The American Membrane Technology Association (AMTA) announced Kim Shugar will serve as AMTA’s permanent Executive Director, effective January 1. She has more than 15 years of senior executive experience in water and environmental policy, water and natural resource management, program administration and project management. Most recently, Shugar served as Deputy Director for the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and Policy Chief for the Agriculture and Natural Resources Subcommittee in the Florida House of Representatives. She has an MS Degree in environmental engineering sciences from the University of Florida and a BS Degree in biology from Mercer University. Previous Executive Director, Deena Reppen, will continue to provide operational and communications guidance in 2021, including continuing to expand and enhance AMTA’s digital presence. Nicole Zimmerman, with nearly a decade of experience in conference and events management, marketing, operations, customer service and volunteer coordination, will serve as Membership and Events Manager. She graduated from Ashford University with an MBA and has a BA Degree in general studies from the University of Nebraska.

Gruenke named advisor to SSat Program
Traut Companies announced that Water Treatment Manager, Jim Gruenke will serve a technical advisor to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s Smart Salting Assessment Tool (SSAt) program. The goal is to provide organizations and individuals in Minnesota with data to inform critical decisions for managing salt use. Assessment and monitoring programs aim to control and redress the environmental impact of salting.

Cerahelix board members announced


Cerahelix, Inc. has added two members to its Board of Directors. Will Sarni and Martin Grohman, Executive Director of the Environmental & Energy Technology Council of Maine (E2Tech), joined the Board in December. Sarni is Founder and CEO of Water Foundry, an advisor to global public and private sector enterprises, NGOs and technology providers in solving water-related challenges. Previously, he was a Managing Director at Deloitte Consulting, where he founded and led the water strategy practice. Prior to that, he was Founder and CEO of DOMANI, a sustainability strategy firm.


Sarni holds both Master of Arts and Bachelor of Arts Degrees in earth and environmental sciences from Queens College, CUNY, NY. Grohman, a former member of the Maine State House of Representatives, co-founded DuraLife Decking, a composite decking manufacturing company that was acquired by GAF. He then he served as GAF’s Director of Sustainability. Grohman holds a degree in chemical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Roy honored with IWA Award
Renowned scientist and engineer Dr. Siddhartha Roy has won the IWA Young Leadership Award (2020-22). He will now also begin a two-year term as an industry ambassador for the IWA and the water sector in general. Currently Dr. Roy works as an environmental engineer and postdoctoral research scientist at Virginia Tech. He has conducted a range of research, primarily focused on disadvantaged communities. Dr. Roy’s most significant work in recent years has centered on the water crisis in Flint, MI, where he helped to uncover high levels of Legionella, in addition to waterborne lead poisoning.

Kinetico’s Yoder lost to COVID
Industry veteran Rodney L Yoder passed away on January 9 of COVID-19 complications in Middlefield, OH. He was born March 25, 1966, the oldest child of Joni (Joe) and Kathryn Yoder, in Cleveland, OH. Yoder graduated from Cardinal High School, attended Eastern Mennonite University (Harrisonburg, VA), then later returned to northeast Ohio to begin his career. In December 1996, he joined Kinetico Water Systems in Newbury. Little did Yoder know that Kinetico would become his extended family and a very important part of his life. Said Toby Thomas, Kinetico CEO and President: “He believed in the value Kinetico products bring to customers and was completely dedicated to Kinetico dealers.” Yoder also was an active participant in the Water Quality Association, including WQA’s Business Operations Training Committee and the Professional Certification and Training Committee. Preceded in death by his father, Yoder is survived by his wife of 23 years, Marla; children, Zoey and Grayson; his mother, brother Brian (Chrystal) and sister Jennifer, as well as several nieces, nephews, extended family and many friends. A celebration of life will be held at a later date. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to the Zoey and Grayson Yoder Education Fund, c/o Huntington National Bank, 14849 North State Ave., Middlefield, OH 44062.

Industry mourns Peggy Blazek
Margaret ‘Peggy’ Louise Blazek, 74 of Downers Grove, IL, passed away December 22, 2020 with her family by her side. She was born to Charles and Margaret Cerny on March 6, 1946, joining her late brother Jack and sister Jill. Blazek married Edward ‘Ed’ Blazek in 1969. They loved to travel, golf and spend time with their family. Blazek was a cooking aficionado, a competitive and accomplished swimmer from a young age and a holiday hostess beyond compare. Christmas was her favorite and it was fitting that the celebration of her life was held during the time she loved the most during one of the holiest times of the year.

Blazek was an integral part of the Water Quality Association team for more than 20 years, retiring as Member Relations and Development Manager in 2016. She had many significant accomplishments in supporting the association and interacting with its members, many of whom value her as a close friend. An avid golfer, Blazek could be found on the green at events that included a golf outing. And she won many times. Blazek went out of her way to accommodate everyone associated with the water treatment industry, ensuring conference attendees felt like family whenever she appeared on their horizon.

Without her efforts, many new WQA members over the years might have felt lost and overwhelmed at their first conferences. Respected by all, treasured by so many, she will be missed as the industry fixture who always had time to lend a helping hand. Blazek is survived by husband Ed; children Timothy (Kristine) and Ryan (Teri Lynn); sister Jill; seven grandchildren and her beloved dog Annie. In lieu of flowers please consider a donation in her honor to the American Lung Association www.action.lung.org

Global Spotlight

Monday, February 15th, 2021

North America
Lead and copper rule strengthened
Last December, US EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler announced the first major update to the agency’s Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) in nearly 30 years. This historic action strengthens every aspect of the LCR and accelerates actions that reduce lead in drinking water to better protect children from exposure. The Water Quality Association said US EPA’s revised Lead and Copper Rule offers progress in the battle against lead in drinking water supplies across the United States. Among other things, the new rule requires testing in schools and childcare facilities, while also establishing a trigger level to jump-start lead mitigation earlier and in more communities. Significant for the water treatment and filtration industry, the new rule allows community water systems serving fewer than 10,000 people and all non-transient, non-community water systems to elect to maintain POU devices certified to remove lead in place of corrosion-control treatment.

Endress+Hauser to expand operations
Endress+Hauser and its US representative partners will invest $4.5 million (USD) to grow its sales and service support around the US. At a strategic time in the market, this investment will reinforce and increase Endress+Hauser’s sales channel by more than 25 percent. The added personnel increase within the sales channel will add more resources in project management, inside sales, outside sales, application engineering, industry, solutions and services.

Iron pipes cause carcinogenic properties
Rusted iron pipes can react with residual disinfectants in drinking water distribution systems to produce carcinogenic hexavalent chromium in drinking water, reported a study by engineers at UC-Riverside. Chromium is often added to iron to make it more resistant to corrosion. Certain chemical reactions can change chromium atoms into a hexavalent form that creates cancer-causing genetic mutations in cells. Previous experiments had shown that water disinfectants could transform trivalent chromium into toxic hexavalent chromium, but the group was surprised when zerovalent chromium that was detected in the rusted iron pipes transformed more quickly to the toxic form.

Chemical dispensers standard published
IAPMO® and ASSE International have published ANSI/CAN/ASSE/IAPMO 1055-2020 (Performance Requirements for Chemical Dispensers with Integral Backflow Protection) as both an American National Standard and National Standard of Canada, superseding the previous edition, ASSE 1055-2018. The bi-national standard is available in both English and French. It specifies performance requirements for chemical dispensing systems to provide a means of mixing potable water with chemicals to provide the user with a ready-for-use chemical solution. Devices covered by this standard are intended for stationary installations, mobile devices where orientations are fixed and handheld devices.

ResinTech LIMS deployed
ResinTech, Inc. announced that the company has deployed a world-class lab information management system (LIMS). The upgrade, which comes less than a year after the company’s decision to offer an even wider array of water testing options to its customers, reinforces the company’s goal of offering best-in-class lab services for the water treatment industry.

New association created
A new organization, the Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP), was formed by a merger between NACE International, the corrosion society and the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC). AMPP’s name, logo and other brand elements were revealed at a global virtual event led by AMPP CEO Bob Chalker and the organization’s executive leadership. With more than 40,000 members in 130 countries, AMPP consists of two governance structures: AMPP and AMPP Global Center. AMPP provides services to members in areas of certification, accreditation, membership, advocacy and public affairs. AMPP Global Center focuses on standards, technical and research activities, conferences, events, education, training, publications and pre-professional programming.

New distribution model gaining traction
Soho Waterworks has been making waves with a mission to redefine the standards of drinking water. The company is marketing naturally sourced waters that are critically acclaimed for purity and taste, and has launched a retail marketing campaign to educate millions of Americans about the health and wellness benefits of these fine waters. Since its launch in December 2020, the company has experienced a surge of interest from regional bottled water companies seeking to benefit from its unique marketing distribution services; the latest being Jackson Springs. Soho Waterworks will be marketing the company’s bottled water to retailers throughout the US.

Cerahelix headquarters moved
Cerahelix, Inc. has relocated its corporate headquarters and consolidated its operations at the Bangor Innovation Center, home to its product manufacturing facility. This move allows for seamless coordination of all key functions within the company, including R&D, applications, engineering and manufacturing. The 6,000-square-foot facility is equipped with a clean room, precision coating and test equipment to ensure the highest quality production of Cerahelix’s ceramic nanofiltration membranes. Coupled with proximity to Bangor International Airport and I-95, this location will facilitate Cerahelix’s plans to serve its customers on a national and global stage.

Water cycle podcast series announced
Through the Water Cycle, on Solving Water: A Xylem Podcast, recently entered its second series, taking on trending issues in the ever-changing water industry, such as the shifting economic arena, impacts of COVID-19 and the opportunity for water utilities in extraordinary times. The podcast show provides information to water industry experts and consumers alike to better understand critical water issues and how Xylem and its partners are solving them.

Water-Right® announced the launch of a home services program to select Lowe’s home improvement locations across the country. Parent company A. O. Smith and Lowe’s have initiated test markets leveraging the water treatment experts within the family of North American Water Treatment, beginning with Water-Right’s trusted customer group.

Caneletas celebrating 55 years
In 1965, José María Morera, Founder of the company, registered the Canaletas brand to name the drinking water fountains he was starting to produce and commercialize. Fifty-five years later, the company that began its operations in Barcelona, Spain, has established itself in countries around the world, presenting its water coolers internationally. The company, which began selling its drinking water fountains and water coolers in Barcelona and the rest of Spain, is now present in countries around the world. Sixty percent of Canaletas sales are in Spain with the other 40 percent corresponding to exports.

Global water award nominations sought
The nominations for the 2021 Global Water Awards are open. Don’t miss the opportunity to submit a company, project, plant, technology or initiative to be recognized at the 2021 Global Water Awards. Nominations should be submitted no later than February 28. There are a range of categories to choose from, including Water Company of the Year; Desalination Company of the Year; Water Technology Company of the Year; Breakthrough Technology Company of the Year; Public Water Agency of the Year; Desalination Plant of the Year; Water Project of the Year; Wastewater Project of the Year; Industrial Project of the Year; Smart Water Project of the Year; Water Leaders Award and Water Technology Idol. Visit https://globalwaterawards.com/2021-table/ to nominate a deserving company or individual.

Viewpoint: Are we repeating 2020 or adapting?

Monday, February 15th, 2021

Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

As we move into the new year, we are receiving more notices of meetings and conferences being cancelled, postponed or turned into virtual events. An old pearl of wisdom, relevant to current times, is that you must adapt to survive. Now more than ever, that applies to the conference and water treatment industries. Many depend on in-person contact at conferences to keep abreast of client needs and reassure customers that business is proceeding as usual. Though it’s good business practice to be adaptable, current circumstances may be forcing organizations and companies that have maintained tried-and-true approaches to adopt new practices.

The new year is showing us that what we were used to isn’t going to get us through tough times and what we see happening around us qualifies as the most disruptive environment for business ever known. Do you have a game-changing business model that transcends the pandemic, economic challenges, ineffective government? Let us hear about it.

Water policy is based on public health needs and that is what drives this industry: the need to provide clean, safe water in accordance with those policies. Water treatment has evolved but there are gold standards such as ion exchange that are the linchpin of properly maintaining water sources adequately. This month, we are going back to basics, presenting one of C.F. ‘Chubb’ Michaud’s articles on the chemistry of ion exchange. In addition, NSF International’s Rick Andrew covers the standards used to test and certify ion exchange systems.

Speaking of standards…our water supplies are one of the most highly regulated in the world, often because of conflicting regulations. Whether governed by federal, state or local ordinances, there’s no end to the limitations and restrictions surrounding the production of safe water. To meet that onerous burden, standards have been written and published to outline the necessary components of manufacture, safety and certifiable criteria for the end product. The IAPMO Group’s Tom Palkon presents a follow-up to his January article that outlines certification requirements for a broad range of water treatment activities involving premise plumbing. Permit requirements vary from state to state but it’s helpful to understand the underlying scope of the standards if you have to deal with a local permitting process.

Safety of private well water is another matter. US EPA does not regulate private wells even though it has pushed (unsuccessfully so far) to bring those water supplies under its purview. More attention is being paid to their vulnerabilities, however. Dr. Kelly Reynolds, Public Health Editor, reports on US EPA’s latest action, “…providing grant funding for technical assistance and training to support private drinking-water well owners.” For water industry professionals, the private well market, especially in rural areas, should not be overlooked. POU systems can provide much reassurance to well owners about their water quality.

As we take the long view, hoping circumstances will stabilize rather than worsen over the course of the year, WC&P extends an open invitation for submission of technical articles. Lack of knowledge and understanding of water treatment is the bane of our existence and our mission is to provide the best technical material to our readers as possible. To do that, we need the multitude of subject matter experts out there to jump on board and provide that technical information. We’ll leave the light on so you know we’re listening and watching for you.


Friday, January 15th, 2021

Chermack retired; Dragoo new Clack President
Pete Chermak retired as President of Clack Corporation last October after almost 41 years. He joined the company in January of 1980, after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree, majoring in marketing and finance. Chermak began his career as a Sales Engineer and was then promoted to General Manager of the Water Treatment Division, responsible for overseeing many of the day-to-day operations. He was promoted to President in 2013. In addition to his duties at Clack, Chermak was active in both the Water Quality Association and Wisconsin Water Quality Association.

In October 2020, Mike Dragoo was promoted to President of Clack. He joined the business in June of 2019 as Director of Operations. Dragoo has previous experience managing global operations in the consumer products industry. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Michigan State University and an MBA from University of Wisconsin–Madison.

IAPMO promotions, board members named
The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) promoted Gaby Davis to Chief Administration Officer and Thomas Palkon to Chief Technical Services Officer. Davis joined IAPMO in 1995 and has served roles integral to every shared service that supports the IAPMO Group’s various business units, most importantly serving as Standards Council secretary since 2000. As Executive VP of Global Operations, she has ensured all business units have the resources they need to service customers and members and has supported all IAPMO Group staff individually. Palkon joined the IAPMO Group in 2014 to lead its new Water Systems division, following 18 years at WQA. In addition to growing Water Systems into a leading provider of certification for drinking water treatment units, drinking water systems and microbiological filters, he assumed the role of Executive Director of the ASSE International chapter of IAPMO, an ANSI-accredited standards developer and product certification body, in 2017.
IAPMO ratified the election of new officers and board members, formally concluding the association’s 91st annual Education and Business Conference, which was conducted virtually due to COVID-19. David Gans, Chief Building Official for the city of Oceanside, CA, was elected IAPMO’s 61st President and Steven Panelli, Chief Plumbing Inspector for the city and county of San Francisco, CA, was elected VP. Four new members of the board were elected to serve: David Ledda, Plumbing Inspector for the city and county of San Francisco; Rick Garcia, Senior Mechanical Inspector for the city of San Diego; Carlos Flores, Assistant Chief Plumbing Inspector for the city of Houston, TX. and Ray Boyd, United Association Assistant Director of Education and Training. Claudio Spagnuolo, Plumbing Inspector for the city of Brampton, Ontario, Canada, was elected to a second term on the board and Steve Fernlund, Plumbing Inspector for the city of St. Paul, MN, was appointed Secretary/Treasurer by President Gans.

Gayer named USALCO CEO
Aluminum-based chemicals producer, USALCO, LLC has appointed Ken Gayer CEO. He is the first non-family CEO of the private equity-backed chemical company, sponsored by H.I.G. Capital. Gayer most recently served as CEO of Gelest and previously was Business President of Honeywell Specialty Products. He spent 15 years at Honeywell in a variety of leadership positions. A former Lieutenant in the United States Navy Nuclear Submarine Force, Gayer holds an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management, a Master’s Degree in chemical engineering from MIT and a Bachelor of Science Degree in chemical engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

NAW leadership changes announced
The National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) announced the additions of Dan Schuberth as Chief Business Development Officer and William Inman as Chief PAO for Communications and Advocacy to its senior leadership team. Schuberth will be responsible for the development and execution of strategic plans to support organizational growth. He is an experienced operations and human resource management leader with an intimate understanding of the distribution industry. Inman will build out NAW’s communications, marketing and advocacy efforts. He most recently served as VP for External Relations at Wells Fargo and previously served in leadership roles with high-profile campaigns and national advocacy groups across the country. The newly created positions will report to NAW President and CEO Eric Hoplin.

New leadership at Cerahelix
Cerahelix, Inc. announced the appointment of William ‘Bill’ Paulus as CEO. He joined the company in January as COO and will oversee the company’s plans to accelerate growth and firmly establish its leadership in the growing market for ceramic nanofiltration. Paulus brings more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and global operations to his position. Prior to becoming part of the Cerahelix team, he was VP of Global Operations at Celgard, VP of Manufacturing & Supply Chain at Blackmore Sensors & Analytics and VP of Manufacturing at Pittsburgh Glass Works. Paulus began his career as Senior Manufacturing Engineer at General Motors. His credentials also include three Master’s Degrees and a Bachelor of Science degree in ceramic engineering.

Fred Wiesler joined the company as VP of Sales, with more than 30 years of industry experience. Prior to joining the company, he was Global Commercial Manager at DuPont Water Solutions and previously served as Global Director of Sales for Membrana, as well as Director of Sales for QUA.

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