Smith & Loveless Inc. is currently highlighting the EVERLAST Rectangular Recessed (EV R2) Pump Station, a semi-recessed, climate-controlled wastewater pump station embodying efficiency, longevity, safety, and cost-effectiveness. The EV R2 pump station, a factory-built and tested system, is easily installed, reducing energy costs and carbon footprint with premium efficient motors. Unlike submersible stations, its spacious, semi-recessed design offers immediate access at ground level and climate-controlled interiors for year-round operation.

Backed by documented cost savings, it outperforms its submersible counterparts in maintenance and parts expenses. Equipped with durable S&L STAR ONE™ Non-Clog Pumps, it ensures extended service life and high efficiencies. The optional QUICKSMART™ PLC controls enhance operational simplicity, while DURO-LAST® stainless steel baseplate provides added durability.


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