ENPRESS LLC has just released its new PIONEER PF, a new cartridge filtration solution for removing forever chemicals from drinking water. The PIONEER PF has been proven to remove PFAS to less than one nanogram per liter (nondetect levels), which is below the EPA’s proposed limits of three parts per trillion (ppt) for eight PFAS chemicals in service flow rates up to seven gallons per minute (26.5 liters per minute). The filter will provide nondetect levels of removal for 150,000 gallons of water for concentrations of 3,000 ppt, and the life span of a single cartridge can reach more than 350,000 gallons of common water with 100 ppt. It is designed to be compatible with the Enpress One-E3 System, and spent cartridges can be returned as part of a program that reuses media while extracting and destroying collected PFAS.



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