KROHNE is highlighting its family of electromagnetic flowmeters, which achieve highly accurate measurements for all applications with conductive liquids. Products perform with extreme accuracy, whether with basic custody transfer or demanding safety-related applications. Not only does this line offer potable water measurement, but custom designs and liner materials can modify these products to effectively engage with adhesive, abrasive, or aggressive liquid conditions.

For customers who seek a basic water and wastewater flowmeter option, their ideal product is most likely the OPTIFLUX 2050, which provides a cost-effective bidirectional flow measurement. Its durability is due to its bore design, as well as the isolation and housing for extreme humidity and flood conditions. The OPTIFLUX 2050 is offered with a wide diameter range (DN24…1200/1…48”), and its lack of moving parts prevents it from wear or pressure loss. All KROHNE electromagnetic flowmeter products also offer on-site verification with the OPTICHECK service tool.


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