Goulds GEP Series Cast Iron Effluent Pump is specially created for basement draining, water transfer, dewatering and effluent, and filtered effluent. The GEP Cast Iron Effluent Pump’s engineered motor can handle peak hydraulic performance without overloading. The cast-iron motor housing allows for optimal heat dissipation, while the premium mechanical seal provides superior protection against sand and abrasive damage.

Goulds Water Technology AGS Series Grinder Pumps feature axial grinder and semi-open impeller technology to easily slice through solids, flushables, and trash found in the modern wastewater stream without roping or clogging. The AGS pump design reduces waste to a fine slurry, minimizing downtime and service issues. AGS Series pumps offer solutions for a range of residential and light commercial applications and are an ideal replacement for two-inch discharge sewage pumps.

Equipped with a corrosion-resistant cast-iron body and permanently lubricated motor, the PE Submersible Effluent Pump is built for residential and on-site wastewater treatment. The heavy-duty unit is portable, compact, and powered for continuous operation.

Engineered for peak hydraulic performance without overloading, the GSP0311 Cast Iron Sump and Effluent Pump is ideal for sump, small-basin, and effluent installations. Approved for residential use, the pump is corrosion-resistant for lifetime use and built with high-quality components to keep your basement dry. The premium mechanical seal design provides superior protection against abrasive materials, while the suction strainer covers the entire base to reduce debris entry.



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