Aqualyte™ from Dais Nanotechnology is a new platform for removing all traces of “forever chemicals” from water and a “non-PFAS” product or component alternative. Dais Corporation, a commercial nanotechnology company, is using the Aqualyte™ platform to create new product solutions shown to offer signifi­cant financial and environmental savings that meet increasing market demands. The Aqualyte™ advanced nano material platform is designed to replace or reduce energy-consuming components and emissions in a variety of products, with a focus on fresh air, efficient energy use, and clean water. Dais’s proprie­tary clean water process, NanoClear™, uses Aqualyte™ to process complex contaminated wastewater. The NanoClear™ process was tested for its efficiency in removing a high-priority water contaminant found worldwide in potable water: PFAS.


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