EFD Corp has a patented Zero Liquid Discharge system that proposes an innovative solution to issues of brine disposal to ambient sea and/or costly industrial effluent treatment processes before discharging. The EFD system utilizes an industrial waste heat source, such as flue gasses from boilers or gas turbines, to atomize the brine. Consisting of a gas compressor to increase the pressure of hot gasses, a brine intake assembly to feed brine into the system, a heat exchanger to heat the brine close to mixture boiling point, a spray nozzle/atomizer in the Spray Dryer to disperse the heated brine, and a drying chamber to facilitate isolating distillate from solid salts and minerals, the EFD system can be coupled with existing seawater desalination plants without needing modifications. The EFD system can convert a waste stream (brine) to a viable feedstock to almost double the freshwater production. EFD’s system provides a fast response time, continuous and reliable operation with a high degree of flexibility and robustness, and requires no additives, chemicals, or spare part replacements.


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