The OIW80 Oil in Water Analyzer from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) is helpful in meeting environmental regulations by detecting oily water contamination quickly and accurately. The OIW80 Oil in Water Analyzer works to prevent damage to drinking water and sensitive ecosystems, as well as plant emergency shutdowns, product batch fouling losses, costly unplanned maintenance, state and/or federal regulatory corrective actions, and expensive fines. ECD’s OIW80 Oil in Water Analyzer reliably measures oil over a wide range of 0 to 30 ppm (mg/L); it can be factory preconfigured to measure oil in multiple ranges or easily set in the field. The OIW80’s responsive sensor operates over a broad temperature range from 41oF to 113oF (5oC to 45oC) to quickly detect leaks and alert plant technicians. The OIW80 Oil in Water Analyzer sensor features a built-in wiper cleaning system for removing biosolids and films; the sensor also features a built-in automatic screen window wiper that reduces technician manual checks and the frequency of scheduled maintenance cleanings.


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