Asahi/America, Inc. now offers its T-342 diaphragm valves with optional sanitary adapter end connections. The T-342 diaphragm valve is now available in Purad PVDF, PolyPure PPn, and PP-Pure PP materials from ½” to 2” sizes. The sanitary end connections for the T-342 diaphragm valve are added using beardless welding, which leaves no weld bead or crevice for bacteria buildup; they are fabricated, cleaned, and then double bagged in the company’s class 1000 clean room to ensure a particle-free product arrives at the job site. The T-342 diaphragm valves are an ideal choice in high-purity water systems, such as reverse osmosis/DI applications and UPW lines, as the valve design eliminates entrapment areas for bacteria to grow.


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