By Kaitlyn Longstaff

Established in 1954 by Emil and Ron Nelsen, Nelsen Corporation is a third-generation, family-owned original equipment manufac­turer (OEM) that focuses on water treatment solutions. Head­quartered from Northeast Ohio, Nelsen is now the largest family-owned manufacturer/distributor of water treatment products in the United States. The company also has distribution centers in Arizona, Texas, and Florida.

Over the past 65 years Nelsen has grown from an enclosed back-porch office and a small barn at Emil’s home to a leading OEM and distributor of residential and commercial water treatment systems and components, drinking water products, and well water systems. Nelsen Corporation has partnered with water treatment manufacturers and professional in­stallers serving both the residential and commercial markets. Nelsen helps your business succeed by supplying products from Clark, Pentair, Purolite, Endress and Hauser, and over 200 other vendors.

Continuously researching ways to improve and develop new products, Nelsen carefully listens to dealers and the needs of their customers. With a great sales support team, whose combined experience totals more than 450 years in the water treatment business, the company brings knowledge and expertise to assist you in treating the most demanding of problem water.

National Sales Director Mark McCue talked about Nelsen, its struggles, and exciting new advancements. McCue has been with Nelsen for a little over two years, previously working on water treatment projects focused more in the industrial space. He states that he “enjoys working with dealers to help them continue to drive their businesses forward while improving the water quality for their customers.” McCue, and everyone at Nelsen, wishes to improve the lives of their employees, dealers, and customers by providing the best water treatment solutions in the industry.

Facing Challenges
The water industry grappled with many challenges in 2021 and 2022 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses struggled with staff shortages, the hiring process, and clogged supply chains. While the COVID-19 pandemic had an unnaturally negative impact on supply chains, these issues are still a cause for concern and something that water treatment professionals must anticipate even as the impacts of the pandemic recede. Nelsen Corporation, like many other companies in the water industry, was not immune to these issues. McCue said, “finding and hiring was a challenge in 2022. Our company culture is very important to Nelsen, so we are very selective in finding the right candidate to fit our company.” Nelsen was also impacted by the supply chain delays in 2021 and 2022.

Exciting Developments in 2023
Nelsen recently opened a new location in Fort Myers, Florida; it also broke ground on a new headquarters building in Ohio. Nelsen expects the new headquarters to be completed in the fall of 2023. McCue said that Nelsen is “also working on a design for our new proprietary connected valve that will be released in 2023.”

Nelsen is dedicated to its search for new markets and areas in which it can grow its business, as well as in the continuing education of its staff. In the next five to 10 years, Nelsen will continue searching for new geographic markets in which to expand. McCue said that Nelsen “will continue to grow and develop our internet team to provide top-level technical and customer support.”

McCue told us, “As Nelsen continues to look to meet the growing needs of our customers, we have focused on adding resources to our organization.” In meeting these needs, Nelsen has added several new employees to the sales and operations teams, as well as made major investments in its facil­ities. The new facility in Fort Myers opened in the summer of 2022, “served to help Nelsen support our customers in the southern Florida region,” said McCue.

As we are hearing and learning from many organizations in the water treat­ment industry, 2023 is a year in which many changes and developments will take place. McCue said, “Over the next few years we will see more technology and communication incorporated into water treatment solutions, helping to further improve the quality of water.”

According to Nelsen Corporation, when it comes to satisfying customers, there is only one thing more important than quality products—the quality of its people. As new technologies and innovation occur, Nelsen will continue to bring its 65-plus years of experience to provide solutions to its customers.

About the author
Kaitlyn R. Longstaff is associate editor at Water Conditioning & Purification International Magazine. She studied English at Southern New Hampshire University and Publishing at The George Washington University. She can be reached at
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