AquiSense Technologies, a global leader in UV-C LED water disinfection technology, is proud to be certified to REG4 by NSF International and Australian Watermark for its PearlAqua Micro product rangers. All product ranges were certified by NSF International in compliance with the REG4 Certification for material and structural integrity compliance with the UK Water Supply.

The PearlAqua product range is the world’s most advance UV-C LED water treatment system. The PearlAqua range includes numerous discrete model sizes, offering flow rates of up to 45 IPM and third-path validation disinfection performance of up to 6-log pathogen reduction. The PearlAqua range is designed to fit into POU and POE applications and is trusted by OEM brands globally. CEO and President of AquiSense, Oliver Lawal states “obtaining the NSF REG4 and WaterMark certifications is yet another instance where PearlAqua is leading the way for UV-C LED technology”.



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