Municipal water engineers concerned with Chromium VI in drinking water will find the CAS Colorimetric Analyzer from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) provides precise and dependable measurements to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal drinking water safety standards. ECD’s CA6 Colorimetric Analyzer’s sequence of sampling, analysis, and results processing is performed and repeated using colorimetric methods for high accuracy and reliability. The technology in the CA6 Colorimetric Analyzer relies on an LED light source and a heated colorimetric cell designed for measuring trace amounts of manganese, iron, and other analyses in water. The CA6 analyzer is lightweight and easy to install and offers up to four separate channels each from a separate sample point.

The CA6 Analyzer monitors chromium VI levels and over 20 other common parameters including aluminum, iron, manganese, silica, nitrogen, iron, and sulfate. The CA6 analyzer comes with an intuitive and easy to use touch-screen display that shows the measured parameter, analyzer status, percent reagent volumes, and the menu bar. The CA6 analyzer also includes two alarm relay outputs and a 4-10 mA channel that connects with programmable logic controllers or distributed control systems.



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