Flomatic Valves announces the new American Iron and Steel (AIS) compliant Air and Vacuum MAXIAIR model. Designed with the operator in mind, the MAXIAIR features a strong fusion bonded epoxy-coated ductile iron body and cover with 316 stainless steel internals. Engineered to meet AWWA Standard C512 for clean water pumping applications, the MAXIAIR features a two-bolt quick-access cover, corrosion-resistant stainless-steel float and trim, resilient Buna-N seating, and full nominal pipe size threaded female inlet and outlet ports.

Brian Allen, Engineering Manager at Flomatic Valves states, “the new AWWA C512 and AIS compliant MAXIAIR Air/Vacuum valves are ideal for clean water applications that require air release and vacuum pipeline protection.” MAXIAIR Air/Vacuum valves exhaust large quantities of air at the system start-up and admit large quantities of air to provide pipeline vacuum protection.




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