By Emma H. Peterson

Ever considered a pond as a mean to supply water to your home? Brandon Schindler of Aquatek Water Conditioning knows a lot about it.

Schindler started working at a local water treatment company after two years of college and has continued in water treatment and/or plumbing until today, 22 years later. He joined Aquatek in January 2007 as a delivery and service tech and worked his way up to become the owner in December 2018. Schindler’s wife, Toni, joined the company in January 2020, after stepping down from her current job. “I have held every job within the company from delivery, service, installation and running the store to ordering equipment and supplies,” he said. The original business started in 1952 as a ServiSoft company, offering portable exchange tanks. The name Aquatek was given in 1978 as the company grew and began offering full-service water treatment, installing softeners, RO, iron filters and pond water treatment.

Today, Aquatek services all of northwest Ohio and southern Michigan, doing both residential and commercial water treatment. The company also offers bottled water, salt delivery and carries products for people’s ponds to keep them healthy and looking great. Pond water treatment systems are very common and are almost isolated to this area. It isn’t unusual to experience a lack of groundwater or an excess of sulfur in these regions; in fact, it is one of the major issues Schindler experiences with wells. So, pond water has proven to be a great substitute and a big business for Aquatek. “The pond systems are pretty much almost like city water treatment plants, just on the residential side,” Schindler said, “We inject chlorine and alum in the water to disinfect it and clear it, then filter it back out. So, when it comes through, it is 100-percent potable and usable for everything in your house.” The Ohio Department of Health designs these systems and they are governed by each local county health department.

Dependent upon where you’re at, pond water purification might be best for you. While it might sound unusual to some people, Aquatek has been selling and perfecting its systems for almost 50 years. All systems must have a permit and be inspected by the local health department and a state certified license must be renewed on a yearly basis with continuous education. In addition, strict health codes are revised every four to five years to ensure the best quality of water. “These systems can take a lot of planning and we work with the homeowners, contractors and health departments to make sure things go as smoothly as possible,” Schindler said. “It’s not something a normal person is going to slap in. It’s taken very seriously to protect the homeowner.” All residential ponds are different, so systems are specifically adjusted for each home. One can also choose to add-on softeners or an RO system.

While most of Aquatek’s training is in-house as of now, Schindler is certified through the WQA as a Certified Water Specialist and Certified Installer. “We also have our potable water system contractor license through the state of Ohio and Toni is currently going through the MEP program for her water treatment representative certification,” he said. Schindler is a huge proponent of the WQA and its resources and tools. He highly recommends to other companies to get involved and receive certifications. “We always say, ‘One size doesn’t fit all,’ every system is designed for that house. So, using those certifications and saying you’re a part of the WQA really helped us and other companies promote the more professional water treatment dealers rather than those who are just trying to make a buck,” he said.

The next step for Aquatek is to explore markets in the western and northwestern regions of Ohio that they haven’t reached before. As people continue to become more aware of the importance of and the necessity to invest in water treatment, it is the perfect time to expand the company. “Water treatment in general has really seen a huge demand these past several years. From talking to people at the WQA convention, everybody has seen an increased interest in treating their water, across the nation. People are more aware and are being proactive to take control of their water,” Schindler said. His goal is to get more involved in those not-yet-explored communities and towns within the company’s radius. Schindler wants to get Aquatek’s name out there and to make sure people know that there are other treatment options and companies to work with near them.

About the author
Emma H. Peterson, author of WC&P International’s corporate and dealer profile series, is a student at the University of Arizona, majoring in journalism, with a minor in natural resources. Throughout her college experience, she has developed a following for her photography and photojournalism endeavors. After graduation, Peterson intends to broadly expand her creative/ feature writing and photography prospects, as well as pursue her personal interests in skiing and rock climbing.


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