ResinTech, Inc. announced that it has received WQA’s Gold Seal certification for its new line of domestically produced, non-solvent cation resins. The company can produce up to one million cubic feet of premium quality media each year in a wide variety of mesh sizes and cross-link ranges.

North America

CGA conference a big success
The California Groundwater Association (CGA) met for its annual conference and trade show in October at South Lake Tahoe, the first face-to-face meeting for members in awhile. Members and vendors from across the state met for the twoday event and shared in-person activities once again. From golf to education, trade show to silent auctions, a good time was had by all. CGA is planning for additional face-to-face meetings and education in 2022 and working on a location for its next conference.

Water research projects from UW and MIT
A research team at the University of Wyoming received a National Science Foundation grant to investigate new membrane materials for purification and desalinization of water. The four-year research grant award, in the amount of nearly $1.77 million (USD), is for a project titled Salt Separation Membranes Based on Modifiable Two-Dimensional Covalent Organic Frameworks. The grant began October 1 and continues through September 30, 2025. The project’s focus will be on putting charged functional groups in the pores and changing the pore sizes to make ion selective membranes that reject either anions or cations with a specific size threshold initially focusing on desalinization.

Engineers at MIT have developed a new approach to removing lead or other heavy-metal contaminants from water, in a process that they say is far more energy-efficient than any other currently used system, though there are others under development that come close. Ultimately, it might be used to treat lead contaminated water supplies at the home level, or to treat contaminated water from some chemical or industrial processes. The new system is the latest in a series of applications based on initial findings six years ago by members of the same research team, initially developed for desalination of seawater or brackish water, and later adapted for removing radioactive compounds from the cooling water of nuclear power plants. The new version is the first such method that might be applicable for treating household water supplies, as well as industrial uses. The findings were published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology – Water.

Aquasana gift campaign launched
Aquasana launched a new buy one, gift one campaign to provide families impacted by recent natural disasters with access to clean, healthy drinking water. Throughout the month of October, Aquasana used profits from each water filter purchase to offset the donation of more than $700,000 worth of reusable water filter bottles, which are independently tested to remove up to 99 percent of bacteria, lead, chlorine, Cryptosporidium and Giardia from tap water.

Grundfos to acquire MECO
Grundfos has entered into an agreement to acquire US-based Mechanical Equipment Company, Inc. (MECO). This acquisition, which is pending regulatory approvals, will further expand Grundfos’ water treatment capabilities and strengthening Grundfos’ position as a leading global provider of water treatment solutions that address the world’s water and climate challenges and improve the quality of life for people.

USALCO acquired
USALCO, LLC announced that it has acquired the water treatment business of ALTIVIA. USALCO is a leading provider of high-quality specialty chemicals used in water and wastewater treatment and other industrial applications in the United States. ALTIVIA Water Treatment is the second acquisition USALCO has completed since H.I.G. Capital acquired the business in June 2020.

SNWA honored
Recognizing its commitment to water efficiency and conservation, the Alliance for Water Efficiency presented the Southern Nevada Water Authority with its inaugural Member of the Year Award in ceremonies in October. AWE President and CEO Ron Burke made the presentation during the 13th WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas, NV. WSI Program Chairman and SNWA Conservation Manager Doug Bennett accepted the award on behalf of the SNWA.

Aquatech Innovation Forum speakers confirmed

With the tagline ‘Celebrating Water’s Changemakers’, the Aquatech Innovation Forum will bring start-ups, investors, utilities and others together in a vibrant atmosphere full of meaningful exchanges. Taking place on November 1 to kickstart Aquatech Amsterdam activities, the Forum is centered around a Roman Colosseum to drive free-flowing conversations. Serial entrepreneur Shawn Harris will deliver the opening keynote address. Known as the ‘Avocado Queen,’ the investor will speak on the urgency in which we need to solve water challenges and the need for investors to step up when it comes to water.

EKKI anniversary celebrated

EKKI has launched a global campaign, 40+Into the Golden Era, celebrating the company’s 40-year anniversary. It will showcase key moments of pioneering progress throughout the past four decades, starting from its early years (as Deccan) to EKKI since 1981. The campaign begins marking 40 years since the company’s founder P.Arumugam along with his uncle KK Veluchamy and friend MS Sundaram started making pumps in 1981 under the Deccan Brand.



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