By WC&P Advertising Team

Eastern Water Quality Association’s 2021 Fall Conference & Trade Show was held in the Poconos of Pennsylvania, September 22-24, and it definitely was a great experience. Water quality professionals plus EWQA plus family involvement equaled a significantly well-ordered and well-planned gathering. Throughout our careers, we have attended more than 100 conferences. Was this the biggest? No. Was this the smallest? No. But we can agree on one thing, it was one of the best. The intimacy of the setting, the venue in which it was held (the Mohegan Sun) and the camaraderie made for the perfect combination.

Staff ensured there was plenty of engagement among the attendees, exhibitors and visitors alike. The schedule offered right amount of time to meet people and make friends while also conducting business. Another nice feature was the exhibitor hall setting. Here there were no partitions to create barriers and it was open in a beautiful ballroom. As exhibitors, we felt more visible, relaxed and comfortable, a setting in which we found it far easier to meet and get to know people. Not only was the conference staff friendly and easy to work with, we really enjoyed interacting with exhibitors and attendees alike. Everyone was especially engaging and enthusiastic about their trade. We could have used another day to meet everyone. We will just have to wait until next year!

The Mohegan Sun also offered plenty of amenities, from gambling to fun restaurants. We enjoyed having breakfast and lunch that was specially set up with attendees and exhibitors. The backyard BBQ lunch was hard to resist going back for 3rds. All the food served was exceptionally flavorful and well prepared.

The event kicked off with a golf tournament as many braved the not-so-welcoming weather conditions, but had a lot of fun golfing and catching up with each other, followed by registration, exhibit set up and wonderful welcome reception. On Thursday, there were six sessions
offered. The biggest complaint the staff gets is the sessions are so good, they really have a hard time deciding which one to attend.

Here comes the fun part…at 4 p.m., the tank-rolling competition began with about 12 people competing for Tank Rolling Champion of 2021. They had to roll the tank, upright, through a course of cones. There was a lot of cheering, coaching and even some friendly picking-on. Once the tank rolling champion was crowned, it was time for the 2nd Annual Cornhole Tournament. Now, you want to talk about competition? With 31 teams, their competitive nature was even more ramped up. Each team of two had to come up with a name and though some are not suitable for print, they were nonetheless, very creative. The tournament lasted well into the night with many people staying to watch, support and even, yes, heckle. The competition was fierce but friendly.

On Friday, the closing day, it was again packed with eight extraordinary sessions from What’s Your Management Style to Water For The Food and Beverage Industry. Again, it was hard to pick which ones to attend. EWQA President Marianne Metzger and the association board did an exceptional job. We loved the fact that Metzger, her mom (Pamela) and her niece (Kassidy) were the Directors of First Impressions and were the go-to people (and sometimes the security staff). They made sure you felt welcome and that you belonged there.

Until we meet again, here are a few images to let you see for yourself how much everyone enjoyed the event. Next year can’t be anything but better and we are looking forward to the opportunity to attend and enjoy the fruits of the organizer’s considerable labors to bring you the best show possible.


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