By Denise M. Roberts,  Executive Editor

For the first time in more than a year, industry players were able to meet face-to-face, talk to their clients, engage new clients and take part in a long list of education opportunities, both at the convention and online. Committees have been managing virtually since COVID-19 struck but sitting down around the table to discuss matters in person was a far better option. I wandered in and out of most of the educational sessions and some of the panel discussions. There were many standing-room-only presentations; most were reasonably well attended.

WQA has been embarking on a water-for-all ideal that will require a lot of work to bring to fruition. But, if done properly, the regulators can be brought onto the side of the water industry. As noted by Doug Ramer, Richard Mest, Shannon Murphy and others, this will be a marathon, not a sprint. There are a great many moving parts to address and this will require a lot of patience and support.

Overall, I spoke to many of the the 140 exhibitors who were somewhat optimistic about their futures. Though the convention was a small one this year, the ability to meet and greet other industry professionals could not be underestimated. People need people, as the saying goes. Business people need other business people also. The importance of attending conventions and other events in our industry is more relevant than ever to success. As a designated essential industry, there is much the nation needs to know about water quality and that is not going to change.

The 2022 WQA Convention & Exposition will be held April 6-8, 2022, in Orlando, FL. The convention theme is Impact. We hope to see you there or perhaps, maybe sooner. For now, enjoy the sights at the 2021 convention.


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